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Left file: C:\1980\ImgDrive_ENU.ini  
Right file: C:\1999\ImgDrive_ENU.ini  
4 Version=1.9.8 <> 4 Version=1.9.9
15 7=&Keep history of recently files <> 15 7=&Keep history of recent files
130 5=Note: the above hotkeys only work when ImgDrive is running. <> 130 5=Create hotkeys to activate ImgDrive from other applications while ImgDrive is running.
      131 6=Drive Menu
136 0=Hotkey mount configuration <> 137 0=Favorite Files for Drive %s
137 3=A list of preset images is displayed when the corresponding hotkey is pressed. You can drop files here to add them.   138 3=You can drop files/folders here to add them.
193 29=Clear History of &Missing Files <> 194 29=&Remove Missing Files
194 30=&Clear History   195 30=&Clear List
    -+ 284 119=Unlock Pro features
      285 120=The free version cannot mount a folder containing more than 30 files, do you want upgrade to ImgDrive Pro to unlock this feature?
      286 121=&Favorite Files
      287 122=&Organize...